splitscreen video


light and sound installation

theatrical tour in Het Muziektheater

A theatrical tour for children in Het Muziektheater, Amsterdamtheatrical tours
The children are “coincidently” picked up by the cleaner who bring them on a journey of discovery throughout the building. On the cleaning trolley a video screen appears and the children watch nice short films on various locations about who works in the building. A tour with the passion for opera and ballet.


Theatrical tours are on-going since 2011
regi: Bart Oomen
videos: Susanna Brenner og Helle Lyshøj
commissioned by Het Muziektheater in Amsterdam


‘Nature’s threat’ (left) and ‘Smirnoff UnLtd’ (right) are parts of the HelleVision program

HELLEVISION, the network with a mission.
In Italy Berlusconi were in charge of both the presidency and the media in Italy. And as a real puppeteer he once tried to cast Gerald Schröder for a motion picture. That seems an inspiring idea; bring art into politics!
Hellevision is an alternative to the so-called free press. We don’t claim to tell a truth but visualise issues that we find worthwhile discussing and we do expose fear by exaggeration and by twisting the facts.

HELLEVISION 1st EDITION is based on ideas of conspiracies.
It was online broadcasted and first presented at the ‘Op Schoot’ Filmfestival 2004 in Maastricht. On this event ‘experts’, who were situated on different locations in Europe were on-line with a webcam to participate in discussions with viewers.

HELLEVISION 2nd EDITION is even more personalized politics.
It is 20 minutes news program with some commercials for non-products in between. HELLEVISION 2nd EDITION was presented at Kunstvlaai 5 in Amsterdam 2004. (right)

videoinstallation and web project
The collaborators are:
Helle Lyshøj: concept and visuals
Henrique Neves: performer and writer
Mandra Wabäck: scriptwriter and reporter
Laurens van der Heijden: historican and writer

Mozart Effect in Mannheim

Mannheim becomes the scene of a large-scale field test of the ‘Mozart Effect’. During the 2nd Mannheimer Mozart Week in Nationaltheater Mannheim a group of artists exposes Mannheim to the music of Mozart. The artists want to find out whether the music of Mozart increases ‘the productivity and quality of life in the city’.
Earlier studies had shown results that to the music of Mozart children learn faster, cows give more milk and plants flourish. In Mannheim the tunes of Mozart ring out in the supermarket, in the swimming facility, enterprises and business.
The attempt can be observed during the Mozart Week in the entrance hall of Nationaltheater Mannheim as avideo installation. The festival-goers can buy Mozart-eggs in the foyer before the operas. “And,” a festival spokeswoman reported, “people said they definitely tasted better.”



Video and music installation in public spaces
Mannheim, 2002
‘Ideenwerk Innenstadt’ is a collaboration between:
Geza Heselman, Helle Lyshøj and Tilmann Meyer-Faje
Co-produced by: Nationaltheater Mannheim


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video installation