PLATONS HULE – Mon der er liv efter TV?

World premiere marts 2014.
A philosophical everyday life comedy based on Plato’s Cave Myth of a man who dares to turn around and look another way than the group. A tale about the comfortable life on the couch, and everything that might be around. The sisters Anne and Anne live safely in their own hollow world, with TV as the only window. But when they acquire a child to join their favorite TV program, they get more than they had anticipated! In Teater Hund’s characteristic physical and visual style of playing the story is told with humor, hope and reflection for both small and large.

Great fun for kids is just the performance’s both revealing, playful and magical use of green screen technology that many children know from visits to Experimentarium City.
***** Vibeke Wern, Berlingske Tidende (Danish newspaper)


For 5-12 year olds and their adults.
Plato’s Cave premiered at Anemone teatret in Copenhagen March 13, 2014

Performers: Anne Dalsgaard, Anne Abbednæs and Thomas Guldberg Madsen
Director: Methe Bendix
Set design: Leah Burrows
Dramaturgical consultant Jane Rasch
Choreographic consultant: Adelaide Bentzon
Sound designer: Erik Christoffersen
Lighting designer: Sonja Lea
Video designer: Helle Lyshøj
Costumes: Hanne Mørup
Technician and builds: Jonas Møller Andersen
PR and communications: Tina Selmer Bertelsen
Administration: Kenneth Gall
Production: Teater Hund

With support from: Statens Kunstfonds Projektstøtteudvalg for scenekunst, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Danske Dramatikere and Københavns Scenekunstudvalg.

Platons Hule / Teater Hund

The Post-Human

a stage terror-regime

The wish has always existed – the hope for a new human being. We have always been captivated by the dream of removing all of the mediocrity, idiocy, meaninglessness, the foibles and flaws from the otherwise pristine spiral of DNA. From Plato to transhumanism. But how will the new human being look? Will it be taller, stronger, and more beautiful than us? Will it be free from all our hopes and dreams of self realization, our self-satisfaction and hate?

… in dialogue with the four walls, where the appearance of screens and canvases draw the axes of the cross in the space. One axis is drawn by two smaller screens on which Marx and Socrates appear … on the other axis, we find two large screens … where the hooded young man appears and interrupt the dialogue of the philosophers in a perfect timing …with which depicting references to both Zarathustra, Messiah and the Finnish school mass murderer are pressing in a loud beautiful music video …
A small video camera is used for transmissions in close-up view of the acting body: a blood sample needle, piercing into the white skin of the arm: a transmission from the singing uvula or a close-up view of his eye … a face in protoplasmic transformation (a transformation, realized virtually in a video projection in which the nameless face dissolves into a large number of others: Andy Warhol’s, Willem Dafoe’s, Karen Blixen’s, Mahatma Ghandi’s, bin Laden’s, Thomas Skade-Rasmussen Strøbech’s …)

Lilian Munk Rösing, Information (a Danish Newspaper) January 2009


The Post-Human

The Post-Human premiered January 21, 2009 at Teater Camp X Aveny in Copenhagen.
cast:The nameless from Das Beckwerk
text and direction: Das Beckwerk
music: Bjørn Svin, Henrik Sundh and Das Beckwerk
video: Helle Lyshøj

NV® (New Value)

Doubt is the modern man’s most faithful companion. But now everyone can get rid of even the most existential doubt in life – NV ® (New Value) is the answer to all your prayers.
Too long the art has felt as its primary function is to ask questions, problematize and provoke. But now, five artists say no! They will give answers instead. They believe that modern man needs clear guidelines and an ethical reference point in their lives. Someone needs to stand up and say: “We have the answers.” With ‘New Value ®’ they have created a set of values that everyone can enjoy. Consistency force for us as people and nation.

The art of seduction
New Value is clever, funny and much-needed satire … The video artist Helle Lyshøj is the woman in NV in charge of presentation technique and she shows the idealistic, staged lifestyle of the NV-people in video clips already at the entrance, and later she shows us the worldwide network of New Value.

Vibeke Wern, Berlingske Tidende (a Danish newspaper) 2006

It’s stand-up dance with catchy tunes and live video. It is mysterious ritual moods. The workshops, which expands the audience’s spiritual experience. Yes, there is even a wheel of fortune with unique NV-prizes that really gives the audience something to take home with them. In a satire on the values and power to posess them.
The performance is staged as an opening event for the first NV-shop in Denmark. Anyone with an open purse and mind can buy accessories here for their new, more valuable life.

  • Projektioner på et 8×6 mtr. back-drop samt mobile skillevægge og foamboards