Singing at De Nederlandse Opera

12 videos made for De Nederlandse Opera to invite people to take part in the project singing at De Nederlandse Opera.
Develop your voice at home with the experts involved in this project.

Direction, camera and edit: Helle Lyshoj, Susanna Brenner and Bart Oomen

See the whole playlist here.

theatrical tour in Het Muziektheater

A theatrical tour for children in Het Muziektheater, Amsterdamtheatrical tours
The children are “coincidently” picked up by the cleaner who bring them on a journey of discovery throughout the building. On the cleaning trolley a video screen appears and the children watch nice short films on various locations about who works in the building. A tour with the passion for opera and ballet.


Theatrical tours are on-going since 2011
regi: Bart Oomen
videos: Susanna Brenner og Helle Lyshøj
commissioned by Het Muziektheater in Amsterdam

Balladen om Kasper Rosenröd

Balladen om Kasper Rosenröd / The Ballad of Kasper Red as a Rose
– an opera by Ulf Bjorlin/Peter Weiss
Malmö, 2005

For young adults and adults.
A horrible and bloody history about a family who one night gets an uninvited guest – the robber Kasper Red as a Rose. What happens in a family when the evil ascends in through the door? ‘The ballad about Kasper Red as a Rose’ offers through ferocity, lucidity and humour an intelligent narrative of the time of the knive. RITSCH, RATSCH!

The video used in the opera was a collage of pictures of violent short films and TV spots similar to an average Saturday TV program, a short sequence of a man in a car on his way abroad bringing the act on stage out into the surrounding world, and a longer sequence of dance and pantomime with a knife and knife threat as a theme. The young boy on stage had a live-feed video camera and the story was seem though his eyes and projected for the audience on a big screen on stage. The live-feed was mixed with the pre-recorded sequences.

director: Ina-Miriam Rosenbaum
conductor: Per-Otto Johansson
choreography: Ann Crosset
video design: Helle Lyshøj
orchestration: Jonas Forssell
ensemble: Thomas Chaanhing
Luiz Tenaglia
Isabel Piganiol
Sara Widén
Clas Sköld
Cedric Borglund Janson/Solstice Martin
The Malmö Opera Orchestra
Suzanne Flink
Producered by: Operaverkstan