Tour in The Netherlands and Belgium 27 November – 29 January 2014

5: ECHO is a solo performance, a film and a choreography for six dancers supported and propelled by the pumping electronic sound score by Gary Shepherd in a monumental, yet minimalist, space designed by Theun Mosk, lighting design by long term collaborator Minna Tiikkainen.

Dynamic and colourful visuals by video artists Helle Lyshøj & Susanna Brenner (FishingShootingHunting) were projected onto in a monumental, yet minimalist, space designed by Theun Mosk. Like a kaleidoscope the visuals shifted colours and shapes.

Everything resonates: slowed-down time, dancing circles and glistening lizards on the balustrades…


Beutler’s contemporary piece echoes with dance’s past
… when film footage appears on the backdrop from a late version of Vermiljoen do we make the connection: these dancers are performing variations on the original dance figures.

**** Annette Embrechts, Volkskrant (Dutch newspaper), July 7, 2014


5: ECHO premiered at JULIDANS FESTIVAL 8 July 2014 in Amsterdam

Concept en choreography: Nicole Beutler
Based on: “Vermiljoen” van Bianca van Dillen (Dansproductie, 1978)
Inspired by: The work of Ellen Edinoff & Koert Stuyf

Made in collaboration with:
Dancers: Dereck Cayla, Hillary Blake Firestone, Maurizio Giunti, Christian Guerematchi, Kelly Hirina, Marjolein Vogels
Second cast: Inge van Huijkelom
Music composition: Gary Shepherd
Lighting design: Minna Tiikkainen
Stage design: Theun Mosk
Costume design: Jessica Helbach
Video design: Susanna Brenner, Helle Lyshøj

A production of NBprojects and ICKamsterdam

15 seconds of fame

At Tweetakt in Utrecht 2014, donderdag 10 april 20:30
More info: http://tweetakt-kaap.nl/#/nl/programma-2014/item-692/

Delicate video clips

In contrast, the small video sequences works well, where we follow the three dancers in their mutual life and the tests on the setup. They send a pleasing sign of the lives of individuals with training, work, kids and breakfast rituals. It’s not glitter all, even if you’re dancing in the Aaben Dans company!

* * * * Henrik Lyding, Teateravisen (Danish theater magazine)

Andy Warhol once said that in the future everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes. We guess that today, those minutes became seconds. In ’15 seconds of fame’ three performers, will sing, dance and act their souls out.

So you think they have the right factor to become the next big superstar?

Belgian choreographer Koen De Preter invites the audience on a rollercoaster of failure and success, inspired by people who take part in talent hunt shows on television.

15 seconds of fame premiered February 1st, 2014. Scenen Laboratoriet in Roskilde in Denmark.

Choreography: Koen De Preter
Performers: Pernille Koch, Thomas Porup and Pierre Enaux
Video: Helle Lyshøj
Production: Aaben Dans

West Side Story in Concertgebouw

The 125th anniversary of the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam is completed with a very special project: young people between 16 and 26 years perform West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein on 3 and December 4, 2013 in the Grote Zaal of the Concertgebouw.
Helle Lyshøj & Susanna Brenner / Fishing Hunting Shooting are making a series on this particular project of which this film is the first part.


Part 2: The cast met for the first time and works at the photo shoot as well as the auditions for the orchestra.


Etudes is the eleventh reconstruction of works from the Danish Culture Canon for the Performing Arts by Zarathustra’s Uncle.
Etudes is created by Harald Lander in 1948 with music by Knudaage Riisager based on Carl Czerny’s Etudes.

Etudes was performed May 22, 2010 at Zene+, Viften in Rødovre, Denmark
and January 28, 2012 at Showcase Beat Le Mot: Residenz Evil in Marstall, München

Dancer: Henrik Vestergaard Friis.
Video: Helle Lyshøj.
Choreography: Hilary Briggs, Henriette Thorslund and Harald Lander.
Music: Carl Czerny, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Knudaage Riisager and DJ radio.

Read more at zonkel.com


Show Real

A show about reality – is reality a show?

… what is the reality in reality, as Morten Lindberg aka Master Fatman funny asks about in the opening sequence where he acts in the three video manifestations that even engage in dialogue with each other.

For Show Real is not just about forms of representation, but also about the downward slide that has happened in our values, from thinking it’s important “just to be” to “have a lot of things” and “to be seen and act”.

Lots of atmosphere

Helle Lyshøjs video sequences are sophisticated, from which the dancers Pierre Enaux, Ole Birger Hansen and Matilde Wendelboe Dresler in bright-red colors dance live onto stage as from one reality into another.
* * * * * Vibeke Wern, Berlingske Tidende (Danish newspaper)

Show Real premiered February 9, 2010 at Aaben Dans’ new stage in Roskilde, Denmark
idea and choreography: Thomas Eisenhardt
performance: Master Fatman
dance and choreography: Therese Glahn, Matilde Wendelboe Dresler, Ole Birger Hansen and Pierre Enaux
music: Master Fatman and Kristoffer Sjelberg
video artist: Helle Lyshøj
lightdesign and production: Mogens Kjempff
costumes: Mette Myr
extra/naked woman: Ivonne Cadovius
produced by: Aaben Dans

teaser for Show Real

NV® (New Value)

Doubt is the modern man’s most faithful companion. But now everyone can get rid of even the most existential doubt in life – NV ® (New Value) is the answer to all your prayers.
Too long the art has felt as its primary function is to ask questions, problematize and provoke. But now, five artists say no! They will give answers instead. They believe that modern man needs clear guidelines and an ethical reference point in their lives. Someone needs to stand up and say: “We have the answers.” With ‘New Value ®’ they have created a set of values that everyone can enjoy. Consistency force for us as people and nation.

The art of seduction
New Value is clever, funny and much-needed satire … The video artist Helle Lyshøj is the woman in NV in charge of presentation technique and she shows the idealistic, staged lifestyle of the NV-people in video clips already at the entrance, and later she shows us the worldwide network of New Value.

Vibeke Wern, Berlingske Tidende (a Danish newspaper) 2006

It’s stand-up dance with catchy tunes and live video. It is mysterious ritual moods. The workshops, which expands the audience’s spiritual experience. Yes, there is even a wheel of fortune with unique NV-prizes that really gives the audience something to take home with them. In a satire on the values and power to posess them.
The performance is staged as an opening event for the first NV-shop in Denmark. Anyone with an open purse and mind can buy accessories here for their new, more valuable life.

  • Projektioner på et 8×6 mtr. back-drop samt mobile skillevægge og foamboards

The End

… en total action-packed katastrofe performance
Det starter i foyeren mens publikum bliver iscenesat i en katastrofe situation: teatret er sprængt i luften, og svensk tv er på vej op af trapperne.
En forestillingen der aldrig begynder men hele tiden slutter. THE END er en forestilling som på humoristisk vis og i højt tempo sætter fokus på det uundgåelige, uforståelige og dybt frustrerende element i vores eksistens: at alting har en slutning.
THE END bruger forskellige medier, omfatter slutscenen af Hamlet, og henter sin inspiration fra katastrofefilm.


Skøn katastrofehjælp til dansk teater
Teatret er dødt. Den Anden Opera er sprængt i luften. Svensk TV trænger ind i de røgfyldte lokaler for at sende de chokerende billeder direkte ud til seerne … Forvirret? Så vent bare til “behind the scenes” optagelserne af prøverne til Hamlet. Gensynet med Requiem … Katastrofe på katastrofe udspiller sig for os. På scenen. På storskærmen. I foyeren. I tankerne.

Marianne Skovlund Christensen, Teatermagasinet 2006


premiere: May 18, 2006 at Den Anden Opera in Copenhagen
instruktør: Erik Pold
video: Helle Lyshøj
musik: Pelle Skovmand
scenografi: Rebecca Arthy
performere: Maria Rich, Daniel Norback, Pernille Koch og Vidar Hansen
produceret af: LiminalDK



  • stills right: Teatret er sprængt i luften og vi ser en ‘direkte’ udsendelse af begivenheden. En rapporter interviewer øjenvidner og brandmændene på stedet, men efter et uheldigt styrt bliver videoen afbrudt og af et teknisk uheld. Den iscenesatte udsendelse er optaget med publikum i rollen som øjenvidner i foyeren i begyndelsen af forestillingen.
  • stills below: Scene med katastrofer filmet ‘live’ ved hjælp af blue-screen teknik. Baggrundene er ligeledes manipuleret og filmet ‘live’.