Tour in The Netherlands and Belgium 27 November – 29 January 2014

5: ECHO is a solo performance, a film and a choreography for six dancers supported and propelled by the pumping electronic sound score by Gary Shepherd in a monumental, yet minimalist, space designed by Theun Mosk, lighting design by long term collaborator Minna Tiikkainen.

Dynamic and colourful visuals by video artists Helle Lyshøj & Susanna Brenner (FishingShootingHunting) were projected onto in a monumental, yet minimalist, space designed by Theun Mosk. Like a kaleidoscope the visuals shifted colours and shapes.

Everything resonates: slowed-down time, dancing circles and glistening lizards on the balustrades…


Beutler’s contemporary piece echoes with dance’s past
… when film footage appears on the backdrop from a late version of Vermiljoen do we make the connection: these dancers are performing variations on the original dance figures.

**** Annette Embrechts, Volkskrant (Dutch newspaper), July 7, 2014


5: ECHO premiered at JULIDANS FESTIVAL 8 July 2014 in Amsterdam

Concept en choreography: Nicole Beutler
Based on: “Vermiljoen” van Bianca van Dillen (Dansproductie, 1978)
Inspired by: The work of Ellen Edinoff & Koert Stuyf

Made in collaboration with:
Dancers: Dereck Cayla, Hillary Blake Firestone, Maurizio Giunti, Christian Guerematchi, Kelly Hirina, Marjolein Vogels
Second cast: Inge van Huijkelom
Music composition: Gary Shepherd
Lighting design: Minna Tiikkainen
Stage design: Theun Mosk
Costume design: Jessica Helbach
Video design: Susanna Brenner, Helle Lyshøj

A production of NBprojects and ICKamsterdam