Balladen om Kasper Rosenröd / The Ballad of Kasper Red as a Rose
– an opera by Ulf Bjorlin/Peter Weiss
Malmö, 2005

For young adults and adults.
A horrible and bloody history about a family who one night gets an uninvited guest – the robber Kasper Red as a Rose. What happens in a family when the evil ascends in through the door? ‘The ballad about Kasper Red as a Rose’ offers through ferocity, lucidity and humour an intelligent narrative of the time of the knive. RITSCH, RATSCH!

The video used in the opera was a collage of pictures of violent short films and TV spots similar to an average Saturday TV program, a short sequence of a man in a car on his way abroad bringing the act on stage out into the surrounding world, and a longer sequence of dance and pantomime with a knife and knife threat as a theme. The young boy on stage had a live-feed video camera and the story was seem though his eyes and projected for the audience on a big screen on stage. The live-feed was mixed with the pre-recorded sequences.

director: Ina-Miriam Rosenbaum
conductor: Per-Otto Johansson
choreography: Ann Crosset
video design: Helle Lyshøj
orchestration: Jonas Forssell
ensemble: Thomas Chaanhing
Luiz Tenaglia
Isabel Piganiol
Sara Widén
Clas Sköld
Cedric Borglund Janson/Solstice Martin
The Malmö Opera Orchestra
Suzanne Flink
Producered by: Operaverkstan