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Teheran Mon Amour

This show has received a reward by Danish Arts Foundation in 2012. A performance about the situation of homosexual men in Iran today. It opens with the intial screening of the film: A re-make of one of the greatest love stories on film: “Hiroshima, mon amour”. But instead of a frensh woman and a japanese […]

Jagten på et Plot

In Search of a Plot The performance is adapted to each specific venue, giving the audience opportunity to see an area of the city in a new way. This piece is suited for industrial areas or other parts of a city that are interesting and different. IN SEARCH OF A PLOT can very well be part of […]


Etudes is the eleventh reconstruction of works from the Danish Culture Canon for the Performing Arts by Zarathustra’s Uncle. Etudes is created by Harald Lander in 1948 with music by Knudaage Riisager based on Carl Czerny’s Etudes. Etudes was performed May 22, 2010 at Zene+, Viften in Rødovre, Denmark and January 28, 2012 at Showcase […]

Show Real

A show about reality – is reality a show? … what is the reality in reality, as Morten Lindberg aka Master Fatman funny asks about in the opening sequence where he acts in the three video manifestations that even engage in dialogue with each other. … For Show Real is not just about forms of […]

The Post-Human

a stage terror-regime The wish has always existed – the hope for a new human being. We have always been captivated by the dream of removing all of the mediocrity, idiocy, meaninglessness, the foibles and flaws from the otherwise pristine spiral of DNA. From Plato to transhumanism. But how will the new human being look? […]


MasterCopy will be the ultimate unoriginal performance. Everything in the show will be stolen, copied, sampled, quoted, recollected, reused, you name it, but it will be like a sparkling fresh new copy. Erik Pold and his team are certainly a bunch of real, genuine originals. Daniel Norback is glorious in the double role as Ingrid […]

NV® (New Value)

Doubt is the modern man’s most faithful companion. But now everyone can get rid of even the most existential doubt in life – NV ® (New Value) is the answer to all your prayers. Too long the art has felt as its primary function is to ask questions, problematize and provoke. But now, five artists say […]

The End

… en total action-packed katastrofe performance Det starter i foyeren mens publikum bliver iscenesat i en katastrofe situation: teatret er sprængt i luften, og svensk tv er på vej op af trapperne. En forestillingen der aldrig begynder men hele tiden slutter. THE END er en forestilling som på humoristisk vis og i højt tempo sætter […]

Balladen om Kasper Rosenröd

Balladen om Kasper Rosenröd / The Ballad of Kasper Red as a Rose – an opera by Ulf Bjorlin/Peter Weiss Malmö, 2005 For young adults and adults. A horrible and bloody history about a family who one night gets an uninvited guest – the robber Kasper Red as a Rose. What happens in a family when […]