– a choreography for light AFTERIMAGE is durational installation with light, video and sound (14 minutes loop) A collaboration with video artist Susanna Brenner (DE, NL), video artist Helle Lyshøj (DK, NL) and lighting designer Minna Tiikkainen (FI, NL) In principal all three of us are working with light, but our media – namely conventional […]

theatrical tour in Het Muziektheater

A theatrical tour for children in Het Muziektheater, Amsterdam The children are “coincidently” picked up by the cleaner who bring them on a journey of discovery throughout the building. On the cleaning trolley a video screen appears and the children watch nice short films on various locations about who works in the building. A tour […]

hellevision at kunstvlaai


‘Nature’s threat’ (left) and ‘Smirnoff UnLtd’ (right) are parts of the HelleVision program   HELLEVISION, the network with a mission. In Italy Berlusconi were in charge of both the presidency and the media in Italy. And as a real puppeteer he once tried to cast Gerald Schröder for a motion picture. That seems an inspiring […]

Mozart Effect in Mannheim

Mannheim becomes the scene of a large-scale field test of the ‘Mozart Effect’. During the 2nd Mannheimer Mozart Week in Nationaltheater Mannheim a group of artists exposes Mannheim to the music of Mozart. The artists want to find out whether the music of Mozart increases ‘the productivity and quality of life in the city’. Earlier […]



VodkaKafé is a real-time slow-motion experiment. On one wall is a life-size projection of people in a café acting in extreme slow-motion. While slowing down their acts they expose their undirected attempts between thought and movement. It becomes a visualization of a thought before it is formulated. The installation space is a continuation of the […]

No More Animals Than Usual Were Harmed In The Making Of …

As the warm weather sets in moisty Amsterdam, so does the mosquitoes for another irritating season. And every summer as they begin their blood-thirsty assault and nerve-racking buzzing in the bedroom the hunt continues by any means necessary. The animation is a part of NO MORE ANIMALS THAN USUAL WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF […]